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Ford Ranger Raptor 2018+ SPECTER Swing arm wheel carrier -Right
  • Ford Ranger Raptor 2018+ SPECTER Swing arm wheel carrier -Right


    SPECTER SWING ARM WHEEL CARRIER - LEFT (for Ford Ranger Raptor 2018+)
    ▪ Designed for SPECTER Rear bumper system
    ▪ High grade steel cross beams specifically for maximum strength swing arm accessory mounting
    ▪ Quad bushing functionality. Each arm has double bushings with 100 degrees movement range for ultimate reliability and easy access for overland and commercial applications
    ▪ Superlene polymer bushings for lifetime duty and smooth function under load, protects against dust and water ingress
    ▪ Swing arm double secure locking mechanism, for increased safety on and off road
    ▪ Stainless steel spring struts, lockable for flexible access on extreme terrain
    ▪ High quality build hardware, heavy duty spring studs and sealed poly bearings
    ▪ Various swing arm mounting options. Single or double jerry can holders with single wheel carriers, and twin wheel carriers
    ▪ Jerry can holder, single or double holder with stainless key-locking catch for security
    ▪ Universal wheel carrier bracket is fully adjustable, enabling most offsets and rim sizes, up to twin 35” tire size
    ▪ Lockable heavy duty hi-lift jack bracket, for easy access to jack, accommodates all sizes
    ▪ Built-in license plate light on jerry can holder, with including aluminium license plate frame. And license plate frame with built-in lighting bracket fitting on wheel carrier (in case twin wheel carriers)
    ▪ Matte black powder coated finish
    ▪ ADR approved
    ▪ 2 year warranty

    Swing Arm Mounting Options
    ▪ Wheel carrier and double jerry can holder
    ▪ Wheel carrier and single jerry can holder
    ▪ Twin wheel carriers


    N.B. FORTMAN Rear bar includes full rear lighting rig, so this allows for swing arm accessories covering the rear lights.