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Our Story

Overland Protection Systems is owned and operated by Daniel Moylan and Nee Lodthon.  It is the culmination of over 2 decades of adventure and off-road experience.  In 2007, at the relatively naïve age of 26, Daniel and Nee undertook a life changing experience.  Having spent 2 years preparing, they drove a specially prepared Land Rover around the world.  32 countries, 25,000 miles, 12 months.  Living in a rooftent, and seeking out a lifetime's worth of adventures along the way.  


The experience changed their life forever, but the truth is it was a miracle that they survived crossing the Baluchistan Desert, or returned from the deep jungles of Guatemala.    Apart from the fact that people are almost always kind and helpful, the reason they and their faithful truck made it back home was preparation and especially vehicle protection.  They demanded huge expectations from the adventure vehicle, made mistakes, drove into rivers, fallen trees and holes in the ground, but winched back out, or rolled back over and carried on moving.


Today people are adventuring outdoors and exploring remote places by vehicle, bike and on foot more than ever before.  Who wants to stay in an overpriced resort or a crowded hotel, when you can watch the sun set over the waves from your camp on the beach?  Or feel the exhilaration of a downhill mountainbike, or return from a road ride, motocross excursion or climb high in in the mountains to your camp in the woods.   OPS create adventure vehicles, using our high performance, heavy duty vehicle protection parts to activate a wide range of vehicle platforms for off-road and overland potential.  Without sacrificing tech pack functionality, road handling or safety.


From Adventures to Agriculture, Horse shows to overland expeditions, our range of Winch Bumpers, Towing rear bars, tree and rock slider sidesteps, pick up bed racks, rooftents, bicycle and dirtbike racks transform your vehicle into your next big adventure. 

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